The safety of our guests, ASSOCIATE TEAM MEMBERS (workers and employees), suppliers, contractors, visitors, SERVICIOS TURISTICOS SOLE AND CONCORDE MARGARITA SUITES is our priority. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, parent company, recommends that the chain's hotels worldwide follow the guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Prevention (CDC), their health departments. (CDC) and their local health departments, and to report suspected cases to the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Our hotel complies with the regulations and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Trade (Mitcoex).


(Annexes of the Internal Regulations for Guests)

FIRST: The following SPECIAL RULES have been prepared by THE HOTEL on the occasion of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) of general knowledge, to form part of the Internal Regulations for Guests, approved by the Ministry of PP for Tourism (currently MITCOEX) and are of obligatory compliance by the guests by virtue of their respective lodging contracts contained in the Registration Card, as well as the full knowledge that THE HOTEL has about this worldwide calamity.

SECOND: For the preparation of these SPECIAL RULES have been taken into account the Guidelines and Recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the hotel trade organizations both national and international and especially the health regulations of social responsibility to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19) according to Resolution of the Ministry of PP for Health published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Venezuela No. 41.891 dated 01/06/2006. 41.891 dated 06/01/2020, which are mandatory.

THIRD: The purpose of these SPECIAL RULES is to mitigate the spread of the virus within THE HOTEL's facilities, generating personal, family, work and social protection mechanisms that allow the provision of traditional lodging services, but within the so-called new normality, reducing the risks in the best possible way and avoiding or cutting the chain of contagions that could occur.

FOURTH: These SPECIAL RULES include the SPECIAL PANDEMIC CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC FORM (COVID-19) attached hereto as ANNEX, which must be completed and signed by THE GUEST together with the corresponding Guest Registration Card. It is understood that no one with symptoms of respiratory illness, fever, cough, general malaise, frequent sneezing, should or may register at THE HOTEL. Registration under such circumstances shall be sufficient cause for termination of the lodging contract.

FIFTH: THE GUEST agrees in particular to the following, by way of example and not limitation:

  1. To avoid the entry of the virus into the body, he/she must make proper use of an appropriate mask covering nose and mouth, before proceeding to request admission.
  2. Reusable cloth masks are recommended and should be washed and ironed daily to ensure their effectiveness as a personal protection mechanism. The HOTEL will provide a covid 19 kit upon arrival.
  3. Avoid placing the mask on surfaces that could be contaminated.
  4. At all times ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people.
  5. Avoid physical contact in greeting, particularly kissing, hugging and shaking hands. Learn and practice new forms of greeting without physical contact.
  6. Avoid bringing hands to the face, eyes, nose, mouth, without washing them beforehand.
  7. Avoid mixing hypochlorite and alcohol as it can generate chloroform, which is toxic to health.
  8. Any case of health affectation that occurs after the registration of the HOSPITAL at THE HOTEL must be reported to 0800VIGILAN or 0800COVID19 or to the HOTEL as soon as possible so that appropriate measures can be taken.
  9. In the event that flu symptoms are maintained for more than 3 days or are increased or aggravated with symptoms such as uncontrolled fever, difficulty breathing, chest pain, extreme decay or loss of smell or taste, it should be reported to 0800 VIGILAN or 0800COVID19 or to the nearest HOTEL in order to have the appropriate and timely medical attention immediately. THE GUEST agrees to comply with the indications given, as well as to accept the transfer to where he/she is indicated, and the lodging contract shall be terminated.
  10. To comply with the indications on circulation and permanence in the different areas of the HOTEL and especially the indications on maximum occupancy and distance for the use of elevators.
  11. Reduce face-to-face meetings as much as possible and implement videoconferencing.
  12. If THE GUEST has recently entered the country, regardless of his/her country of origin, he/she must declare to have been evaluated at the point of entry, with the rapid screening test for COVID 19 and, if possible, with PCR sampling. The host must remain in compulsory isolation, strict quarantine, for 14 days from the moment of entry at the Points of Integral Social Assistance (PASI) at the border, supervised by local authorities and the health team. In case of a positive result, the guest will be transferred to a health center for the beginning of treatment and strict medical surveillance with identification and approach of all contacts, and the lodging contract will be terminated. TOURIST SERVICES SOLE C.A. 3
  13. In all phases of the Covid 19 national emergency, THE GUEST accepts to continue with the research process.
  14. To allow the taking of the body temperature.
  15. THE HOTEL verifies and requires the use of a mask.
  16. Comply with biosecurity measures, wash hands properly for at least 20 seconds before and after any activity.
  17. Minimize their time spent in social, public or transit areas at THE HOTEL.
  18. To consume food and beverages only in the areas specially designated for such purposes or in the rooms under the room service modality.
  19. Avoid unnecessary contact with people, furniture or objects.
  20. Have a disinfectant product for individual human use, preferably 70% alcohol solutions or alcohol gel, to be used in the purchasing process, in order to disinfect every time they touch surfaces, objects or persons whose possible contamination or exposure is unknown.
  21. Allow the access doors to take the temperature and ensure that hands are washed or disinfection takes place before allowing entry to the facilities.
  22. To respect the maximum number of people allowed in each of the areas of THE HOTEL.
  23. Immediately notify the Hotel Management or the Department designated for this purpose of any new development or risk situation that they notice during their stay at the Hotel.
  24. Submit to the necessary or convenient health verifications upon leaving the hotel that are required both by the competent authorities and by the Hotel.
  25. Indicate your address or intended destination after your departure from the Hotel.
  26. Any other that contributes to minimize the effects of Covid 19 in the Hotel facilities in accordance with the guidelines of the governing body on health.